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Unleash Your Inner Susformation Intrapreneur: 5 Ways to Drive Change Within Your Organisation

Are you passionate about sustainability and innovation? Do you dream of transforming your organization into a force for positive change? Then you might just be a Susformation Intrapreneur in the making!

By embracing the role of a Susformation Intrapreneur, you’re not just settling for meeting the bare minimum of sustainability standards. Instead, you’re seizing the opportunity to propel your company forward by tapping into the vast potential of the green transition.

Here is our guide on your journey to becoming a catalyst for susformation within your company…

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New episodes of The Circular Coffee Break with Sara Lindeman

“If we look at sustainability transitions as societal sub-section transformations – it’s good but it’s not enough. We try to make change in different parts but we are not really dealing with more profound, underlying structures of the society.” – Sara Lindeman

In the 27th episode of TheCircularCoffeeBreak podcast, Michael Hanf and his guest Dr. Sara Lindeman, Founder and Managing Partner at Leapfrog Projects Ab, explore the world of innovations and societal sustainability. 

They discuss the role of innovation in driving systemic change, talk about the challenges and opportunities of conducting interdisciplinary and action-oriented research in emerging markets, and explore what is the state of change today in the Nordics when it comes to societal transformation.

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