Program 2024

Day 1

Wednesday 3 April


Warm Data Lab for Changemakers
Seminar room Kultsa 1-3

The event is fully booked
registration here.

Organized by Sitra and Leapfrog


Registration and networking


Why complexity matters? 
Fireside chat with Dave Snowden and Nora Bateson

Aalto Hall

Dave Snowden, Cynefin company 
Nora Bateson, The Bateson Institute
Sara Lindeman, Leapfrog

Perspective seeking
Complexity as part of your corporate DNA with Roleff Kråkström

Bubble hopping with Emma Stenström

Aalto Hall

Emma Stenström, Stockholm School of Economics
Roleff Kråkström Moomin Characters


CURRENTS an audio-visual immersive art experience


Maija Turunen, vocal interpretation
Janne Storm, Sound design
Tomi Paijo, visual design

Maria Lindeman, directing



Somatic exercises

Mirror room (next to KULT)

Day 2

Thursday 4 April

Registration, networking and refreshments

Intention circle at Rest and Resilience Station

Innovation during the meta crisis 
Conversation with Daniel Schmachtenberger, Susanna Pettersson, Atte Jääskeläinen and Ilona Lundström

Aalto Hall

Daniel Schmachtenberger (Online), Civilization Research Institute. 
Susanna Pettersson, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto
Atte Jääskeläinen, Sitra
Ilona Lundström, Haus

Sara Lindeman, Leapfrog (Facilitator)

Breathwork with Heidi Gutekunst


Facilitation in the Rest and Resilience Station

From Superheroes to Social movements
Key Notes by Christian Vanizette, Dominic Hofstetter, Jan Artem Henriksson

Aalto Hall

Christian Venizette, MakeSense
Dominic Hofstetter, TransCap Initiative 
Jan Artem Henriksson, Inner Development Goals Ida Faldbakken, KatapultX, Katapult Future Fest Heidi Gutekunst, Amara Collaboration (facilitator)

Lunch break 

Lunch available for purchase

Facilitation in the Rest and Resilience Station 

Co-creation parallel sessions:

Susformation co-creation workshop 

Maria Sangder, CEO Gaia, Gaia consulting 

Financing systems change – how can our financing models enable systemic impact?
Discussion with Dominic Hofstetter, Annika Sten Pärson and Jimmy Westerheim

Aalto Hall

Annika Sten Pärson, The Inner Foundation 
Jimmy Westerheim, The Human Aspect 
Dominic Hofstetter, TransCap Initiative 

Jussi Nykänen, FIM Impact Investing (facilitator)

What’s the role of art in the societal shift? Panel discussion with Kaarlo Hildén, Zeynep Falay von Flittner, Kimmo Aulake and Maria Lindeman

Alvar Auditorio 

Kaarlo Hildén, University of the Arts Helsinki Zeynep Falay von Flittner, Falay Transition Design Kimmo Aulake, Ministry of Education and Culture Maria Lindeman, Stockholm Uniarts, Kontai

Anniina Suominen, Aalto University


Facilitation in the Rest and Resilience Station

Building multi-stakeholder ecosystems for positive transformation.
Fireside chat with Minttu Jaakkola and Tanja Vermeer

Aalto Hall

Minttu Jaakkola, Puistokatu 4
Tanja Vermeer, Boehringer Ingelheim
Marcus Raivio, Kukunori (facilitator)

How entrepreneurs can prioritize impact over profit while scaling a business? Enterprise Design Panel and Workshop 

Alvar Auditorio

Enrich Sahan, Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Melanie Rieback, Non profit ventures

Amit Paul, RCO

Verneri Välimaa, Wicked Helsinki (facilitator)

Organized by Wicked Helsinki ry

Innovation challenge: How can we innovate for universal accessibility
Come and co-create a response! Meet challenge owners and interested funders

Kultsa 1-3

Jenny Lindström-Beijar, Our Normal (Facilitator)

Co-organized by SFV, FSS and Waves


Intergenerational learning: How can we support changemakers? 

What skills are needed in the future, and how can we create a world where everyone is a changemaker?

Aalto Hall

Salaado Qasim, Rauhan ja hyvinvoinnin järjestö ry

Åsa Skogström Feldt, Ikea Social Entrepreneurship BV

Hanna Höijer,Finlands youth delegate for climate, Ashoka Young Changemaker
Olli-Pekka Heinonen (Online), International Baccalaureate Organization
Laura Larsson, Ashoka Nordic (Facilitator)

>17.00- 18.00


>19.00 – 24.00
After party at Bar Limbo

Bar Limbo, Helsinginkatu 21

Rest and Resilience Station at Waves Summit 2024  

The rest and resilience station has practises that allow us to ground ourselves to here and now and to remember how connected we are to each others and to the world. We will look at how we can stand rooted even when the storm hits us. We can feel into what sensations, thoughts, and emotions want to arise and compassionately let them be.

The Rest and Resilience station is located on the second floor aula, to the right when you exit the Aalto Hall. Facilitated sessions are provided during breaks on Thursday 4.4 as well as in the mirror room 3.4 during the evening networking.

The Rest and Resilience station is organised by Falay Transition Design and Billnäs Gård

Gentle Lion’s Den at Waves Summit 2024  

Do you have a world-changing business idea or a growth-oriented social enterprise? Book a mentoring session with the Gentle Lion’s Den HERE

As part of the Waves Summit, we are organizing a Gentle Lion’s Den, where you can reserve a half-hour mentoring session for your business or business idea. Get assistance and tools to refine your idea from an encouraging gentle lion team consisting of experts in various fields.  

You can ask the gentle lions about, for example: 

>Increasing impact 
>Establishing a social enterprise 
>Financing your business idea 
>Impactful communication 

The sparring is mainly available in Finnish. 

The Gentle Lion’s Den is organised by ARVO – the Finnish Association of Social Enterprises in Finland and the Centre of Expertise for Social Enterprises